Will The Democrats Be Able To Reverse The Online

Many people were hoping that if the Democrats won control of Congress they would reverse the online gambling ban, but experts doubt they will even try or that if they do that the will be successful.

Once the bill was passed and signed into law by the president, it became much harder to reverse the law.

The democrats would need to bring up the law and get it to a vote, then after the vote passed it needs to go to the president for his signature. The problem with this is that the current president is the one who signed the bill into law in the first place.

Another problem is because the gambling ban was clownfish voice changer attached to another bill, it means that to reverse the law the entire bill needs to be reversed, but the other part of the bill is for an increase in port security, so any congressmen who recommends reversing this law, will be going on record as trying to reverse the increase in port security.

Because of this trying to get the law reversed could ruin a congressman’s chances of ever getting elected to public office again for the rest of their lives.

It is more likely that it will have to wait till the end of George Bushes term in office and then get an amendment to the law that reverses only gambling ban part of the law.

So if you are on Online Gambling enthusiast and you were hoping that after the election the online gambling ban would just disappear I am sorry to say you were mistaken and that you are going to have to wait a little longer, but that does not mean you need to sit quietly by.

The key is to make sure that you are heard, write letters to congressmen, and attend protest rallies anything that will keep this issue in the front of the minds of the politicians so they know that just as the Republicans lost the house so can they.

The republicans used the online gambling ban to try to gain votes for them in the last weeks before the election, but it backfired on them and lost them more votes then it brought in.

Hopefully the Democrats will learn from the mistakes of the Republicans and will understand that banning something never works, and that it is only thru regulating the online gambling industry that will ensure that it is safe and honest to play and that no underage children manage to play.

Other wise I am sure that the Democrats will also see the wrath of the American voters when it comes time for the next elections.

The American people are tired of having the government controlling every aspect of their lives and I think this election may have made their point for them.

So if the question is will they try to reverse the law I am sure they will try, but how successful they will be is still up in the air, and no one can really know what the outcome will be.

Coin Master Apk And Coin Master Free spins

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Join your Facebook companions and a great many players around the globe in assaults, twists, and strikes to fabricate your Viking town to the top! Do you have the stuff to be the following Coin Master? Would you be able to go through the time and mystical terrains to fight it out to be the best Pirate, Hippie, King, Warrior or VIKING of them of all! Turn to acquire your plunder.

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Spin the wheel to fall on your fortune, be it assault time, plunder, shields or strikes. Win your plunder via arriving on coins or gold sacks so you can construct solid towns through the game and climb in levels. Win shields to coin master free spins monitor your town from different Vikings attempting to assault you. Become the Coin Master with the most grounded town and the most plunder! Assault and Raid individual Vikings! Acquiring coins through the gambling machine isn’t the best way to get plunder, you can take it as well! Assault or attack companion and adversary to spare enough plunder to fabricate your town. No compelling reason to break the secret stash! Retaliate and turn out successful against your adversaries. Blast! Render retribution on the individuals who have assaulted your town and take whats legitimately yours! Bring your Coin Dozer and get rich once more! No one can tell what treasures you can discover in another person’s town! Gather all the Cards! It’s not constantly about the plunder, it’s about the fortune as well! Gather cards to finish sets and proceed onward to the following town. With each town you vanquish your makes will be more prominent Play with companions! Exchange your cards with our online network to gather them all! Join our quickly developing intuitive Facebook people group to meet new viking companions, win large rewards, and exchange treasures! ★ Battle your approach to be the following Coin Master with your companions close by. ★ Join in a huge number of players around the world! ★ Coin Master is free on all gadgets with in-application buys

Minecraft PE for Android

Eski güncellemelerden birine, yani Minecraft PE’ye adanmış başka bir makale  , bu sürüm tüm Android cihazlar için de kullanılabilir. Minecraft PE hakkında özel olan neydi? İlk olarak, bu sürüme Son güncelleme adı verildi. Bu, çeteleri, patronu ve blokları ile yeni ve heyecan verici bir boyutla yeni bir güncellemedir.

Oyuncular Minecraft PE’de ne elde ettiler?

Minecraft PE güncellemesi, Mojang stüdyosunun geliştiricilerinin oyunculara büyük miktarda ilginç ve büyüleyici içerik verdiği ve bu sürümün Apple TV için de yayınlandığı gerçeğiyle de biliniyor.

Her şeyden önce, birçoğu inşaat sırasında kesinlikle yararlı ve ilginç olan çok sayıda yeni bloktan memnun kaldı.

Minecraft PE için Android

Yeni çeteler ve patron

Oyunda, aşağıda konuşacağımız yeni bir Patron ortaya çıktığını hatırlatıyoruz. Minecraft apk indir Mojang stüdyosunun geliştiricilerinin tüm ilgisi The End adlı yeni bir boyuta yönlendirildi. Oyuncunun bu boyutu bulması için uzun bir yol kat etmesi ve aynı zamanda önemli sayıda engelin üstesinden gelmesi gerekir.

Kısacası, oyuncu onu doğrudan Portal’a götüren bir Ender Gözü yaratmalıdır. Oradan yeni maceralarınız başlayacak ve sonunda sizi Ender Dragon’a götürecek.

Ender Dragon, yeni Minecraft Pocket Edition güncellemesinin yeni ve belki de en önemli patronudur. Ender Ejderha ile savaşmak çok zor olacak, bu yüzden çok dikkatli olun.

Bu çetenin kendine özgü yetenekleri vardır. Bilmeniz gereken ilk ve belki de en önemli şey, saldırdığı şeydir, yani mor rengin ateş topu. Ayrıca ciddi yakın dövüş hasarlarına neden olabilir ve herhangi bir binayı yok edebilir. Bu çetenin itmesinden korkmaya değer. Neden korkmalısın? Çünkü bu itme oynatıcıyı uçuruma itebilir.

Sonun boyutu nedir? Birçok obsidyen kulesi ve üzerinde Ender Crystal bulunan bir adadır.

Oyuncu Ender Dragon’u yenerse, Outer Adaları’na maceraya atılma şansına sahip olacak.


Bu boyutta dolaşan oyuncu, Koro Tesisi olarak adlandırılan çok ilginç bir bitki bulabilir. Neden ilginç? Bu bitkide yetişen tohumlanmış Chorus meyvesi, oyuncu rastgele bir yere ışınlanacak.

Ayrıca Minecraft Pocket Edition güncellemesinde oyuncular End şehirlerini karşılayabilir. Shulkerler burada yaşıyor. Dikkatinizi, oyuncuya bu çete ile yapılan bir atışın oyuncunun yerçekimini kaldırabileceği gerçeğine çekiyoruz, yani her vuruştan sonra oyuncu yukarı uçacak, daha sonra daha acı verecek.

Oyuncular ayrıca Endtra’da Elytra’yı bulabilirler. Bu öğe oyuncunun yukarı uçmasına izin verir, başka bir deyişle uçmayı mümkün kılar.

Talking Tom Gold Run Mod Apk *Unlimited money Unlocked*

Talking Tom Gold Run MOD much cash – Cool runner, with familiar characters Talking Tom and Talking Angela. One day Tom did now not suspect something, saw how the coincidence came about, the auto grew to become over and a variety of gold poured out, Tom found out that it was a actual robber and chased him. Help Tom and Angela capture up with the robber and return the gold. Also in the sport you may expect new buddies of Tom and Angela!

A sport that is an extension of an already popular gaming franchise will already be a hit amongst the consumer base. This is precisely what the makers brought by way of imparting a combination within the shape of my taking tom and the strolling gameplay and creates a one stop engaging and enriching gameplay. The sport is designed using the top satisfactory pix that make the gameplay sensible and profitable. Provided for truly freed from rate, you may not be disenchanted.

Whenever we discuss approximately android gaming, nothing beats the magic created by using the speak me Tom which lets in you to be genuinely responsible for wellbeing of your pet. If you upload the concept of strolling into the mixture then the Talking Tom Gold Run is talking tom mod apk born. The game is designed using the high-quality available graphics as a way to make the gameplay realistic. Provided for clearly freed from charge, the game gives you a certainly one of a type attractive and thrilling gaming enjoy.

The article shall provide the user with all of the vital info regarding the gameplay together with the fundamental functions. We shall additionally speak approximately the vital Downloading requirements and the Download process at the same time as ultimately offering the Download hyperlink which shall provide the person with a assured get right of entry to to the ultra-modern functioning model of the mod apk.

Tom, a call is not extraordinary to anyone, proper? However, this is not a cat in the Tom & Jerry series; it’s the most famous lazy cat on the telephone, My Talking Tom. The game offers you an interesting feeling while being concerned in your cat and playing with them. However, while looking after Tom and playing mini-games has become too boring, players start searching out new and greater thrilling subject matters. Thanks to that, Talking Tom Gold Run (MOD Unlimited Money) has been released and speedy reached a hundred million downloads on Google Play.

talking tom gold run mod apk 2

Many gamers may additionally find Talking Tom Gold Run pretty much like Talking Tom Hero Dash with the same Endless Runner gameplay. Moreover, Tom’s story is completely one of a kind in this sport. One lovely morning, Tom observed two raccoons sneaking into the house and taking all his gold. They must chase the bandits to regain the stolen gold and construct their dream home.

Talking Tom Gold Run (MOD, unlimited money/Unlocked) – This recreation is a laugh Ratner in your android gadgets. This application has completely terrific portraits and amazing physics, its miles very shiny and beautiful portraits and addictive game play. You’re gambling for the entire famous cat named “Tom”. The recreation starts as soon as we noticed that a few form of automobile got into an accident and then later visible, we understand that it became a burglar. Yes start the chase!

Talking Tom Gold Run (MOD, unlimited money) – a traditional limitless runner with acquainted characters. The person will go to the race with the cat Tom, the cat Angela and other characters. The sport’s plot unfolds across the pursuit of a robber who stole little gold from the heroes. For his go back, a gamer need to take control of Tom and run in conjunction with him in an expansion of locations. Each of them will be scattered a massive quantity of gold bars that need to be gathered. At the same time, it’s miles necessary to be afraid of collisions with boundaries and motors, in any other case the race will prevent. Collected gold may be spent on the acquisition of exciting accessories, unlocking heroes and the construction in their houses.

Limited – Tomcat might be the acquainted image for us thru digital pet raising recreation: My Talking Tom. This sport has grown to be a warm spot to be sought via people, and to date has greater than 500 million downloads from the app market. Still not stopping there, this wave recurred once more while Limited launched the junior: Talking Tom Gold Run. One hundred million downloads, extra than 3 million reviews and reached four.6 / five factors charge. These are remarkable numbers. Soon, could be the content material of Talking Tom Gold Run.

Talking Tom Gold Run is about an event inside the city of gold stolen via Tom. The thief broke in and took all of the gold from the metropolis, making humans experience outraged. Tom is a type cat; he promised everybody that he might help them get returned the gold. There isn’t any statistics approximately the bandit; the most effective clue is the yellow lumps he dropped at some stage in the run. With assist from my other cat pals, can Tom catch the thief, and take lower back the stolen gold?

Talking Tom Gold Run is an endless runner sport, with gameplay much like Temple Run, Subway Surfers or Zombie Tsunami. On a way to play, you will take part in the adventure is at the highway, in which the yellow lumps are dropped. The cat will robotically run, and your assignment is to control the cat to keep away from limitations at the same time as gathering the golden portions that seem on the way. During your countless adventure, you will meet automobiles, trains, and other road limitations.

Initially, they may be quite sparse and are static limitations so you can effortlessly skip. But as time goes with the aid of, the cat’s motion speed turns into quicker and quicker, even as the consecutive look of going for walks cars, but trains, however darkish caves are very dangerous. And if you by chance get hit, you lose your life, and you have to play again from the start. Control the cat to jump up and down, left to proper to exchange the lane precisely. The machine gives you with a totally intuitive control interface, so that you just need to perform swiping operations up, down, left, right at the screen to apply.

talking tom gold run mod apk 1

Each time your sport is over, you’ll obtain the corresponding amount of gold you acquire along the way, and you will also be rewarded with gold, depending on how many points you have earned. If you need greater gold, you will gather support items that seem at the manner as magnets, electricity-ups, excessive-jump footwear,… They will assist you flow and keep away from boundaries, higher, give you better scores.

Background of Talking Tom Gold Run inherited from our agency My Talking Tom, giving us vivid and delightful pictures. The objects are embellished with many colors, and also you additionally enjoy the surroundings from the mountains, coastal, street, … the dressmaker has created. This makes us sense no boredom when the adventure is repeated. Besides, besides the familiar Tomcat, Talking Tom Gold Run has many characters from other virtual pet video games along with Angela, Ginger, Hank, Ben, … Each man or woman may be very lovable, and to put on extremely humorous clothes. What are you awaiting, download this recreation and be part of in the adventure to catch the thief now

Talking Tom: jogging after gold – a captivating runner, with all the well-known hero of the quantity! The tale starts with the truth that Tom noticed how the car were given into an twist of fate, but then he realized that it changed into a robber, and he chased him to capture it. In reality, the runner is quite easy, like all the others, wherein you just need to go around or leap over limitations. You also can improve your property and pool, for this you will receive bonus points. When all the improvements are finished, you unlock the second one man or woman, and who could have thought that it might be our Angela.

Talking Tom Gold Run – a brand new runner for Android from, which gave us such hits as My Talking Angela and Swamp Attack? In their new introduction, the participant will must manage a continuously strolling cat, which is chasing a thief who has stolen a bag of gold from him.

The recreation manner consists within the production and arrangement of housing for Tom and his friends. To upgrade, you need to earn recreation foreign money, collaborating inside the pursuit of stolen ingots. As in other comparable runners, the win relies upon at once on the skill of the participant and the distance traveled. In addition to gold, the line frequently desires crystals, which can be earned via breaking into special safes scattered across locations.

The graphics in the game does no longer specially stand out. These are all of the identical drawn textures and cartoon characters which are observed in video games of this genre. The manage is done with gestures, about which the person will examine literally from the first mines of the game.

talking tom gold run mod apk

Features of the Talking Tom Gold Run Mod Apk:

  • For any app to grow to be successful, it has to ace inside the branch of person interface which in simple phrases the ease with which the person can experience the fundamental capabilities and gameplay. The idea has become so popular that the makers made it a point to design a gaming platform which is created with one of the most exciting but easy consumer interface that can be understood and enjoyed with the aid of each type of android person without any issues.
  • The new challenge among android game developers is within the shape of the dearth of capacity of the android game to keep the gamers. This takes place because the person is supplied with restricted gaming content material and the repeated usage by means of the gamer. This is why the makers designed the sport with the satisfactory gaming modes and trouble degrees where each issue degree puts a exclusive ability of the gamer to check in a dynamic gaming surroundings.
  • There are a large variety of characters that can be unlocked by the consumer all through the route of the sport with every person having its personal precise competencies and talents on the way to assist the gamer carry out specific stunts or even clear the difficulty stages with utmost ease. The makers made it a factor to supply at the great gaming enjoy. So maintain collecting gold and unlock your preferred characters and take down the toughest demanding situations.
  • If you observed that the sport is designed to permit the you run across the same landscape all through you then couldn’t be any greater wrong due to the fact the makers stuffed the sport with a large series of diverse gaming landscapes which shall pop up as you will proceed with the sport and could provide new by no means visible before barriers for you. So in case you assume that you are the fine player out there then all you need to do is to continue to exist via the exclusive landscapes.
  • The factor that sets the game aside from all of the comparable opposition is the reality that the gamer is provided with an opportunity to construct homes for the talking tom and different special characters using the gold bars gathered. So the gamer shall get the feel of playing original speaking tom gameplay alongside the present day recreation. It’s like purchase one and get one free offer.



RUN AND CELEBRATE! China involves Tom’s international!

Explore three side worlds: Skating, flying and Wild West!

5 Women Entrepreneurs You Should Know And Follow:

When you talk about an entrepreneur to most people what comes to mind is a white and middle-aged man. This stereotype became a real barrier for women who wanted to enter the business world for many decades. Happily, that image has changed in recent years, all thanks to the efforts of successful women entrepreneurs. Find out below five examples of success.

5 successful women entrepreneurs:

Oprah Winfrey:

To open this list, one of the most powerful women entrepreneurs in the world. Born in a poor family in the American state of Mississippi, in 1954, Winfrey began to succeed as a television presenter in Chicago. Within a few months, she was the audience leader in the city and would soon assume the position of a best-paid TV personality in the United States.

However, it went beyond the small screen. She owns magazines, the production company Harpo, the Oxygen Media Organization, a television channel and is the author of books and an actress. In sum, he built a true media empire.

Coco Chanel:

This legendary French stylist is one of the most successful women entrepreneurs and international fame. Creator of the Chanel brand, she opened her first store in 1910, selling only women’s hats. In 1921, the company introduced the Chanel No. 5 perfume, the first to be marketed around the world. Coco died in 1971, however, his company expanded to several areas, such as jewelry and men’s fragrances, and has an annual billions of billions of dollars.

Estee Lauder:


In 1946, Lauder founded The Estee Lauder Company and began selling beauty products developed by an uncle – a chemist by trade – in beauty salons and hotels. Her commercial vision led her to open a space in the famous store Saks, on 5th Avenue in New York, in 1948.


Over the years, the company grew, created and incorporated other brands of beauty products, such as Aramis, Clinique, Prescriptive, Origins and Mac. Despite globalweedhouse.com the death of Lauder in 2004, his empire still remains strong and strong, with an annual turnover of more than US $ 10 billion.


Ruth Handler:


Maybe you never heard her name, but it is very rare to find girls who have never played with her main creation, Barbie. Ruth and her husband, Elliot Handler, already owned a toy company when, in the late 1950s, Ruth had the idea of ​​creating a doll with a more adult look.


Although Elliot did not believe much in the idea, the first Barbie was launched in 1959. In five years, the company was already one of the 500 largest in the world. Ruth presided over Mattel Inc. between 1967 and 1974.


Luiza Helena Trajano:


President of Magazine Luiza, Trajano was responsible for taking the company founded by his uncles to become one of the largest retail sales in Brazil. Upon assuming the presidency, at the beginning of the 1990s, he implemented innovations such as the first virtual store in the country and liquidations that attracted giant ranks. Currently, the company has more than 700 stores and Luiza is recognized as one of the most successful women entrepreneurs in Brazil.


These women entrepreneurs are an example of courage, self-improvement, and success on their own merits. As there are many more who also struggle daily to see their dreams come true. All of them overcome great obstacles every day: conciliation, finding time for one, disconnecting, uncertainty … However, it’s worth it. Jumping is difficult but the experience is wonderful.

Dubai Health Authority

Student Name

Student Roll Number

Course Code

Instructor Name


The healthcare sector is one of the most fundamental parts of UAE because it is directly attached with the well-being of people. This report is organized to analyze and discuss different types of implications in the Dubai Health Authority. The first element describes the general strategic leadership and governance policies. This shows an intensive shift of different practices and organization centric approaches made by the Dubai Health Authority. The second aspect shows financial management within the Dubai Health Authority. This includes long term planning, estimating cash flows, and measuring the success of different budget plans. The essay will also comment on strategic planning initiatives taken by Dubai Health Authority. This involves prospects for increased patient care and general expansion of the hospital. The next important element includes the measure of performance for different healthcare organizations. This will be assisted by a comparative analysis of Dubai Health Authority with other regions in the country.

Main Body

Strategic Leadership and Governance

The Dubai Health Authority has been taking aversive measures to ensure new practices in terms of strategic leadership and governance policies. This policy explains the seismic shift towards using an organizational centric approach. The shift also explains the move from doctor centric policies and inculcating various types of leaders. The practices in Dubai Health Authority include use of common goals and organizational mission values. This is also assisted by optimizing the organizational culture. This process explains using different techniques to harmonize every department to achieve a common goal (Speziale, 2015).

Financial Management

The Dubai Health Authority provides a systematic approach to mapping the flow of health sector funds within a defined health system over a defined time period. This article seeks to present a profile of health system financing in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, using data from NHAs, and to compare the functional structures of Dubai financing schemes with different members of the OECD. The findings show how the current Dubai Health Authority uses different types of management tools and aspirations. This includes the frequent use of different financial ledgers, cashbooks, patient records, and transaction. The hospital has also been implying various types of innovation in terms of sustainable financial management (Hamidi, 2016).

Strategic Planning

The strategic planning process is one of the most important elements of maintaining control and improvising on different actions. This type of planning describes the adequate use of different resources, people, and stakeholders to achieve a common goal. In light of ongoing competition in the UAE, the Dubai Health Authority has focused on different elements. The first practice in this plan includes the improvement of quality and services. This also shows the significant use of ISO principles in both patient care and training initiatives. The Dubai Health Authority believes in providing only the excellent care to their patients in order to increase its presence. This goal is also facilitated by reducing capacity gaps and patient wait times in the hospital.

The management believes how these factors can cause the strategic process to fail and hence needs to be eradicated. The last objectives in this plan includes using sustainable options and providing good value for money in reference to care (Lee, 2016).

Measuring performance of the Dubai Health Authority

The performance measurement and its KPI are a strong metric to find the operational capacities and overall implementation. The first measurement metric used by the Dubai Health Authority is the length of stay for all patients. This stay is counted from the time of admission to the time of discharge. If the stay is longer due to inadequate performance, diagnosis, or treatment, the hospital can improve its functionality by including other services. The mortality rate is also measured and checked for different patients in the hospital (MORIARTY, 2017).

Comparing healthcare in UAE with other regions in the Middle East

The UAE healthcare system has been spanning which includes a good share of doctors which is estimated to be around 2.5 per 1000 population. The hospitals have also been trained in terms of quality and commitment. The overall number represents 70 full scale hospitals and 150 different types of clinics which are funded by a safe of $1600 per person. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a good health care system, with levels equal to those frequently seen in other developed countries around the world. In contrast to other countries, Egypt spends 5.6% on its healthcare services whereas other countries like turkey use 2.6% of their GDP.


The healthcare sector is one of the most important parts of the UAE because it is directly linked to people’s well-being. The study is designed to examine and address the different types of consequences for the Dubai Health Authority. The first item defines the strategy of strategic overall leadership and governance. It indicates an intense change in the different practices and institutional strategies of the Dubai Health Authority. The second aspect is the financial management of the Dubai Health Authority. It includes long-term planning, forecasting cash flows, and evaluating the performance of various budget plans.


Hamidi, S. (2016, 7 23). Health services financing and delivery: analysis of policy options for Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Retrieved from NCBI:

Lee, T. (2016, 1 23). Strategic Information System Planning in Healthcare Organizations. Retrieved from Research Gate:

MORIARTY, A. (2017, 8 5). TOP 10 HOSPITAL PERFORMANCE METRICS YOU NEED TO KNOW. Retrieved from definitivehc

Speziale, G. (2015, 5 3). Strategic management of a healthcare organization: engagement, behavioural indicators, and clinical performance. Retrieved from academic:

5 Instagram Hacks Everyone Need To Know:

The social network with the best reputation and greatest growth is Instagram, a place to share photos, videos, and stories with the world. With more than 1,000 million active accounts every month, more than 500 million active accounts per day and a young audience (64% of users are between 18 and 34 years old), Instagram has become one of the most desired social networks above Facebook or Twitter, without your bad press and with the possibility of uploading photographs and videos, talking with other users, etc.


So to get the most out of Instagram and its many functions, we propose a series of hacks that you can discover if you spend hours on this social network. We don’t know, these tricks will give you more followers or not, but they will make it easier for you to post videos, photos, and stories.


  1. Get Interactions In Your Instagram Posts And, Fast!


There are two types of basic interactions in Instagram posts: “Like” and comments. Both are important for your photos and videos to have an impact on your audience, especially since Instagram has changed its algorithm and ponders your posts because of its impact on your followers.


Getting “Like” is one of the priorities for your publications to have a greater number of impressions. But, on Instagram they have thought that it is more difficult for someone to leave you a comment, so having to click on the comment button, write the comment and click on the button to post your opinion about a photo. So, the more comments you have, the better your picture will have with the new Instagram algorithm. Tell more that they make you a comment that they like you.


And, they not only count the “Like” number and the number of comments, but it also counts if they have been made in a small period of time since you have published the photo because it means that your publication has a great impact about the users of this social network.


To get more comments, you will have to encourage your users to comment, respond to comments they make and, ultimately, interact more with your Instagram community.


  1. Post And Edit Photos/Videos On Instagram:


Instagram is a powerful tool to enhance the image of your commercial or personal brand. Taking into account that this social network is based on visual content (videos and images), it is essential that you share quality content with your audience. If you don’t do it and share poorly elaborated or low-quality content, your brand’s digital reputation will be negatively affected.


From here I recommend that you first create a solid social media strategy and, based on it, prepare content to share on this social network. It is important that you create a realistic strategy and that you can comply. For this I recommend that you calculate how many hours you can invest in Instagram and, taking it into account, you create an editorial calendar of publications for Instagram.


Once you have all this ready, it will be time to start uploading content to Instagram. In the following sections, I teach you tricks and tips so you know how to publish on Instagram and get positive results for your brand.


Steps to upload a photo:


The steps to publish content on Instagram are simple:


  • Click on the + button
  • Select the photo/video you want to upload
  • Edit the photo/video
  • Include a description with hashtags
  • Add a location (above)


Edit Photos on Instagram:


It is very important that you share quality content with your audience. To help you with this, Instagram includes in its application a photo editor with which you can retouch and improve your images.


Although there are predefined filters, my recommendation is that you do not use them. Instagram filters can fulfill their function, but if you want to obtain results that distinguish you from others, it is best to edit your images with the manual parameters of the tool. In this way, you can adjust aspects such as contrast, lights or saturation and you will get more professional results


Another even more professional option to edit your photos is to use a photo editing program. If you do not want to use a computer for this step and want to edit your photos directly from your mobile, I recommend the following applications:


  • Lightroom Mobile
  • VSCO
  • Snapseed


Whatever your decision on how to edit your photos for Instagram, it is important that you keep the same style in all your posts. This will allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition and create an attractive feed for any user.


Edit Video for Instagram:


If you want to more followers and fans then it is important that your video will be interesting and attractive, for this you have to publish a perfect and edited videos. If you want to edit videos for Instagram, the best decision you can make is to use an external tool.


A good option is to edit your videos through a computer with programs such as Premiere, Sony Vegas or Filmora. However, you may prefer to edit your videos through your mobile, so here are my three recommendations:


  • VSCO
  • Splice (editor de GoPro)
  • InstaShot Video and Photo Editor


Description of the content:


The exact content of the description will vary greatly depending on the type of Social Media strategy you are carrying out. However, it is important that ALL the content you share on Instagram contains:


A phrase/description:  This phrase will be consistent with the content you have shared. I recommend using CTA and emoticons to increase the engagement of your users.

Hashtags: These will help you reach more people, and therefore, get more likes and followers.


Add the location:


Another way to get more visits to your content is to add its location. It is important that you make no mistake and choose the exact location where the picture was taken. This will cause your content to be displayed to people who are looking for photos in that location, which will increase the chances of you getting a positive engagement.


  1. Download Instagram Videos From Android?


Now you can easily download different videos from Instagram with the help of instadownloaderpro website. You have to just find the video that you want to download after this copy the URL of that video and go to the instadownloaderpro website, here you have to paste the copied URL of the video and that’s it. Still, if you don’t know how to download the video from Instagram then all the steps are given below.


Step by step instructions:


  • First, you have to open your Instagram and find the video that you want to download
  • After this click on the three dots that are present on the top right corner of the video
  • Then copy the URL of the video
  • Go to the instadownloaderpro website
  • Now paste the copied URL in the text box that is present in the instadownloaderpro website.
  • Click on the download button to start downloading
  • When the download is completed then the video will appear in your gallery


  1. Post Content On Instagram With Your PC:


There is currently no version of Instagram for PC. However, if it is extrashade.com possible to publish content on this social network from the computer thanks to different tools and tricks. Here are the two most comfortable ways to post on Instagram from your computer:


Instagram for PC:


As we have commented, there is no official version of the Instagram computer. But what does exist is a tool that allows us to upload our content directly from the computer to Insta.


This application is Gamblr. Its operation is simple:


  • You enter the Gamblr website
  • Downloads your application
  • Login session
  • Upload photo
  • You apply filters (I recommend you edit it on your computer before)
  • You include description and hashtags
  • You choose the time you want the image to be published


Use a Mobile Emulator:


If the previous tool does not convince you, you can also download a mobile emulator for your computer. The simplest (and my favorite option) is to use the Google Chrome Mobile Browser Emulator extension. This emulator will allow you to navigate from your computer through any website as if it were mobile. That is, you can check any website as if you were on your mobile.


Once you have downloaded this extension, you can upload photos to Instagram from your PC by doing the following:


  • Enter the Instagram website
  • Click on the Mobile Browser extension button (top right of your Google Chrome browser)
  • Select the size of the mobile you want to use (it is indifferent, but I recommend the +++)
  • Log in with your username
  • Upload content


  1. Stories On Instagram:


Also known as Instagram Stories are some of the most popular content of the application. In Insta Stories you can share images or videos, and these will be available for viewing for a period of 24 hours. After that time, the content will be deleted and cannot be consulted unless it has been highlighted within the profile.


In the following sections, I will give you some tips so you can improve the quality of your insta stories and increase the engagement of your users.


Steps to upload Instagram Stories:


To post a story on Instagram you must follow the following steps:


  • Click on the camera in the upper left
  • Select the image (bottom left) or take a picture
  • Apply a filter and add stickers, music or some GIF
  • Use hashtags and add location


Edit Insta Stories:


As we have commented throughout the post, it is important that all your publications have cohesion and follow a Social Media plan. So my recommendation is that you edit your posts following a recognizable style and taking advantage of all the features of Instagram Stories to achieve your goals.


If your goal is to know the opinion of users about a product, use the surveys or ask questions. If you want to report an event or announce the deadline of an offer, use a countdown. In short, that you explore all the options, be creative and pursue your goals.


Include location and use hashtags:


Both location and hashtags can help you appear in other users’ searches. So do not hesitate and, whenever you can, add the location of your story and include some hashtag related (or more than one with one of these Insta hacks) with what you have shared.


Humanize your brand:


A good way to connect with your audience through social networks is to humanize your brand. To do this, you can take advantage of the nature of Instagram Stories to share videos or photos about the work processes of your project.


Another widespread practice is for a person to speak on camera telling a story, anecdote or informing about an event. This allows our users to put us face, empathize with us, and be more willing to listen to our proposal or story.


Anyway, take advantage of social networks to be close to the user is a MUST.


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