VDIGIPRO is a professional, well established online solution provider, company tasking in Pakistan, equipping with web solutions to clients worldwide. Over the past few years, company’s chief facilities help our customers to boost their business to new heights and increased their efficiency.

We are skillful in business, IT Solutions, providing pre-eminent optimal solutions for business. Our incentive for the work is reliability, efficiency and innovation.

About us-who we are

VDIGI-PRO is fundamentally an online services and solution providing company in Pakistan, our ideal targets are website designing and development, graphic designing, ecommerce development, search engine optimization. Customer’s satisfaction is our foremost concern. Our main goal and devotion is to be the most economical and authentic online web solution provider of Pakistan. We have a highly qualified and professional team of experts, who work 24/7 to provide you a receptive, resonant and user friendly websites that will uplift your sales and enlarged your business. We won our clients by providing practical solutions and real time support.


Our motivation to work is reliability, efficiency and innovation. At VDIGI-PRO, our mission is to provide our precious clients with cutting edge and quality web solutions by transforming their visions into online solutions. Our main objective is to build long term relations with our clients by offering them finest web solutions and full support to grow their business. Be the part of most trending market, we always focused to stay upgraded. We are passionate to provide high yielding results to our potential clients to acquire their satisfaction.

Our vision is to stabilize as the most significant online solution provider company at national and international levels, by coming up with innovative and creative ideas in developing online world for our customers to make their individuality globally. As a devotion to coming generation, the company is making efforts and will also continue to do so for introducing new trends and technology for online web solution business market.


  • We are extremely warm-blooded and will strive to make your company a successful brand with the aid of our novel and imaginative web design and online solutions in a very much affordable price.
  • We guarantee a quick turnaround time by taking special care of each single project.
  • Customer’s satisfaction is our principal consideration and we don’t charge extra for online support. We are very much responsive and answer all of your calls and emails in a timely manner. We also provide support through Skype.
  • We have a team of talented industrial experts and analysts whose main objective is to improve the Return on Investment.

Our services


Are you looking for an imaginative and creative web design and development? Here at VDIGI-PRO, we provisioned you with an exceedingly effective international website designs and development. Being a leading online solution provider, we assist our clients to design custom e-commerce websites and directed applicable traffic on the website. VDIGI-PRO offers you an excellent tailor-made and customize able website development solutions. These websites are not only effectively designed but specially developed for user to provide them hassle free online buying experience. We are specialized in responsive web development and online web app development in Pakistan and at international level. Our team of professional designers and developers is highly experienced and they can easily assist you in customized web application development.

Key components of web designing and development are;

  • Helps in increasing your sales.
  • Boost up the process of selling company’s services.
  • Become a part of marketing of your company.
  • Drive clients towards company and keep them in touch.

Graphic Designing

Do you want to give your thoughts and ideas an image here at VDIGI-PRO we are doing our extreme efforts for the conversion of your imaginations into reality as graphics. A picture is worth a thousand words. Graphic designing is the visual, artful presentation of a company’s services. VDIGI-PRO is prominent for our world class designing services. Our graphic designs having ideation and creativity of outward-facing materials, helps our clients to promote their company’s vision and got the attention of potential and current customers. At VDIGI-PRO customers are assigned with an individual or a team of artist, who guide them through the design process from start to finish. We used latest technology for graphic designing, the technology we used involves adobe photo shop, Corel draw, Print artist, Illustrator, Free hand etc. Our prime concerns are completion of great design ideas and conversion of your vision into design solution.

We at VDIGI-PRO offers following sophisticated graphic designs;

Logo design

Banner design

Pana flex design

Flyers design

Catalog designing

Web design

Packaging design

Identity design

2d 3d Graphic design

AutoCAD Design


Do you want to promote your business having access to social media? We at VDIGI-PRO provide you with a team of social media managers who will reach new customers online and improve and maintain the reputation of your company using social media links.

Social media management is a structured operation of creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with content posted on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram and twitter. In the modern era of technology, social media pays a vital in the development of the business with 3.2 billion user worldwide and 11 new users every second, social media is the biggest platform for interacting with clients and to promote your business. One can boost his business by using simple social media management tools and services to reach out this huge audience.

Key elements of social media management;

  • Manage multiple accounts across various platforms.
  • Analyze social engagement.
  • Schedule posts in advance.
  • Receives comprehensive reports of analytics.
  • Monitor comments and respond effectively.
  • Collaborate with team members on content.


Are you in search of a creative and responsive content for your web blog, articles, press-release and news etc? You are at the right place, VDIGI-PRO will offer you complete assistance 24/7 in setting up a content curator software. Content writing is an effective tool for boosting your business online in accordance with the recent updates of the google. In comparison to other online social sources content marketing generates 3 times greater leads. A team of highly qualified professionals of VDIGI-PRO is responsible for managing these software, submitting regular content, and also sharing on online social sources.  We at VDIGI-PRO offers inbound and outbound marketing for content shared. Inbound marketing assist you in increasing the traffic for your website by sharing articles and blog on social media platforms. It also helps you improving the ranking of your website at google by submitting documents on high ranking websites. Outbound marketing attracts audience towards your business by sharing newsletter, brochures, Pamphlets in the market.

Key components of content marketing;

  • Website that produce regular content receive 8x more terrific.
  • Content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing.
  • Content marketing adaptors have nearly 6x as many conversions as non-adaptors.
  • Content marketing enhances your email marketing and social media marketing efforts.


If you are looking to establish an online business for selling and purchasing of the goods through a responsive website niche at VDIGI-PRO we assist you to reach your potential customer at a certain time with our E-commerce development solutions. Today millions of people are doing online business to purchase goods and services. Our highly optimized and effectively designed websites are proven as sales generating machines. Our experienced team with their proven track record helps you in creating a responsive, visually appealing, robust e-commerce websites and by converting our fun designs, engaging layouts and straight forward checkout options provide your customers with ease.

Key components of the E-commerce development are;

  • Fully customized design and development in accordance with the needs and aesthetic values of your business.
  • Provide a secure shopping cart, with multiple payment methods and shopping options.
  • Ensures customer’s satisfaction by minimizing cost and time spent on admin.


Do you want highly optimized and SEO free websites at VDIGI-PRO, we use the combination of modern onsite and offsite strategies to generate best results. Search engine optimization is a crucial component of online marketing. Sometimes SEO is about reaching the people in your immediate neighborhood, we use local SEO techniques to assist you in reaching the customers just outside your door. Your websites should be optimized for mobile devices so that you can reach this huge number of consumers. Our prime concern are important ranking factors like, increase in page load speed, simple and intuitive interface creation and implemented scheme markup. Most of the people are preferred watching a video than to read a whole article, so that google shows video at the top of the page in research results.

How we can help you in SEO

Business analysis

Website analysis

Keyword research

Competitor analytics

Mutual keyword finalization

Analytics setup

Domain factors

On page SEO

Site level

On page web spam removal

Off page SEO

User interaction

Special algorithm applications

Social signal integration

Brand integration


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IOS Apps for Geeks

 IOS Apps for Geeks

Today mobile Apps became discomfiture for rich peoples. It’s a very tough task to select the useful app out of these 100000 android and 200000 iPhone apps. That why I will discuss about some useful apps to help the people. These apps will help you in several streamline activities, For more productivity. These iOS apps will also help you to decrease the number of gadgets in your life. It  can also provide you some other advantages.

Drop Box:

We can say that drop box is an excellent cloud service. It can automatically sync a folder of files between multiple computers like as Mac, Windows and Linux. This app can make a ” built-in reader within certain apps named as Microsoft office, PDFs and image files.


The people who have iPhone will love an app named as ” Tripit”. It is a best tracking app i have ever found. It keep the track of my all travel itineraries. This App can organize your all  trips with full details. You just forward the email confirmation of your rental cars, flights and  hotels.


In iPhone a lot of to-do apps are present but The best app out of these all is 2DO app. The reason is that it has a great interface. It can sync with the online service named as “Toodledo”.


Evernote is a great note taking app. It is beneficial when you have to remember a lot of things you need a note taking device. At that time this Evernote app is very helpful. Evernote  is working same as the drop box means it saves the data locally. It can also syncs the data across all the devices and machines.


Ego is a quick Glance dashboard.  It is much more better than an analytic app. It provide you all type of data related to Google analytics. It also provide you data about Twitter, square space and feed burner.

Analytic Apps:

Google lack an app of  analytics due to some official issues. But iPhone facilitate you by providing an amazing app for analytics named as” Analytic App”. This app is very useful to the students of mathematics and statics. It is also helpful for general use. Most of the people use this app for deep analytics. All the deep data is present in analytic app.


MobileRSS is an amazing for  finding and filtering the latest news. MobileRSS is also an IOS Apps for Geeks. Today it has replaced the  Twitter due to its latest news and findings. I use a lot of these RSS tools but found that this MobileRSS tool is best for this purpose.  It can also clean UI and can connect with Google Reader. That’s why i prefer MobileRSS pro app.


Twitter got much popularity on social media. So most of us use this amazing app for getting attach with others. They also use this app for collection of information all over the world. iPhone provide you this great app that is working efficiently. In other  words we can say that Twitter is an amazing instant intelligence engine.

Amazone Kindle:

This app is also provided by IOS Apps for Geeks. I am a big fan of this app. It can store a huge collection of variety of books. I am using this unique app since it was released.  I can easily read the books at any time and any place due to this splendid app. During spare time i just pull it out  and can read the pages of book.


ProPublica is a non- profit investigative journalism site. Firstly I did not use a specific app for news. Then i start using Twitter, Google and facebook for getting news. But now i have realized that ProPublic for is an amazing app for getting all types of news. Simply we can say that it is an Excellent reporting and  very a good app. This is Also provided by IOS for Geeks.

Photoshop Mobile:

It is an amazing IOS Apps for Geeks. iPhone provide you best photoshop editor in the world. It consist upon a “Zillion” feature that is very helpful for editing the photographs.  It contain a lot of features like as brightness adjustment , simple crops and sharpness. You can make excellent pictures with the help of this unique app.


This is a most beautiful app. You can convert the books on audio format with the help of this Audible app.  You download the books and sync them on iTunes. Audible give you opportunity to select the audio according to your type and convert the book of your choice into audio format.  It is a useful app for those who cannot read the book and rely on listening. iphone take the solution for such people, they can easily listen the book any time any place and get information.

Red Laser:

This is a great app provided by iPhone for shoppers. This app can turn the mobile camera into a barcode scanner. It is pretty and accurate in working. UPC products are scanned and then app ill find then on Google product search.  It will provide you information of allergen foods. For books it will scan the local library to find the books. “Snaptell” can scan your product and will help you to take a picture of book cover.

Navigation Mobile Navigator:

I used Germen GPS navigator initially and find out the directions. But now i am using iPhone navigation mobile navigator app. It is an excellent app.  You just have to go on play store, Then you download “NAVIGON”.  This app built in the navigation system for cars. You just plug in your iPhon with car and can get the directions of your route. Now it is more updated. Voice navigation  is used to day.


Pandora is an IOS Apps for Geeks. It is very useful app. In this internet age Pandora is a streaming  “Radio Station”.  You can search the song by artist name or song name. Pandora can run in background  just like iPhone music on iOS4.


Today companies launch a lot of mobile apps. To find out these apps and their information you just need to download the AppDevice.  You can find the positive and negative views on AppDevice. It consist upon two lists named as app guide and app list. These contain a multiple information about the apps.

Boxee Remote:

Boxee Remote is an IOS Apps for Geeks. It can convert the simple PC into Multimedia PC. With the help of this great app you can watch that what your friends are watching now.  It can run in Linux, Window and apple TV. You have no remote if you are using the previous model of  PC. You can turn your iPhone into a remote with the help of Boxee Remote app. It contain two remote modes named as gesture mode and straight arrow mode”.

Xtreme Lab speedTest:

To check the Wi-Fi quality and 3G speed I use this Xtreme Lab speedTest app. This App of  iPhones is my favorite app.  Today it is also present on Androids.  This app is very  efficient and reliable to use. Sometimes its speed seem to be lower in quality. That why we have to check the quality with the help of and FCC speed test.