Understanding Trucking and Freight Transport

If you think that trucking is just for delivering stuff, then think again. At this point in time, many people do not realise just how important trucks are to running a nation. From transporting fuel and other liquids to carrying manufactured goods, trucks are at the epicenter of the nation’s transportation system.


Just consider how many jobs the trucking industry is responsible for. Drivers make up over 80% of the trucking workforce nationwide. This translates into plenty of opportunity for trucking companies to advertise their services all around the UK. Here are some of the other industries that rely on trucking:

Freight brokers – It is no secret that the United States is by far the world’s largest manufacturer of all types of trucking equipment. Freight brokers transport nearly half of the freight moving in the US. These trucking brokers earn their living by finding the best carriers for loads of all kinds. Without these brokers, there would be very few options for trucking consumers all over the world.

Logisticators – Those who can do it all! Trucking clients rely on logisticators to help them decide where their loads should go and when they should deliver them. Many truckload carriers provide logisticators free of charge. If you have a knack for numbers and logistics, this could be a fantastic position for you. Logisticators are probably most well known for delivering things from one point to the next; if that is something you are skilled in, then you might have just made yourself the perfect freight trucking services employee.

Independent Contractors and Locals – When you hear the words’ independent contractors, do you think they mean drivers? Actually, this description applies to pretty much anyone who can get behind the wheel of a semi. Semi trucking companies hire drivers, or independent contractors, to take care of the trucking paperwork. They pay them a set fee per mile, which is dictated by state regulations, but they usually don’t have to lift a finger to make sure their workers are doing everything they’re supposed to be doing. Many truck drivers working for these companies earn more than double the pay of the company they work for, which is pretty unheard of for an occupation like this.

Lift Gate Companies – All the heavy equipment needed to move goods and cargo by road must have a lift gate installed on them in order to ensure the safety of the cargo. Some trucking service companies only carry the lift gates themselves, while others use independent contractors. If you want to work for a company that employs only independent contractors, you will need to learn how to lift gates. It is a good way to learn about the trucking industry, but not a job in which you’re likely to have a lot of downtime.

Freight Brokers – These brokers purchase loads from trucking services and then unload them at trucking depots or truck parking facilities located throughout the United states. There are some trucking services that do not work with freight brokers. These companies may instead contract with trucking service companies or other shippers. Freight brokers typically receive payments directly from the shipper for moving a load. However, they do not actually own the load; they are simply paid by the trucking services that need to move their cargo around. If you are interested in becoming a broker, you’ll need to go through training and then pass an exam administered by the American Trucking Association.

The truckload and pallet load are two terms that most people have heard about but are unsure of their meaning. The truckload is simply the weight of a single truck, van, or trailer; the pallet load is a maximum weight limit for a single load, but this varies by type of load. It is important to remember that there are many different classifications of goods that are shipped through trucking services, so knowing the difference between a pallet load and a truckload can be difficult. Keep in mind that the truckload are usually used interchangeably, so the only difference between these is the spelling. The truckload is the most common type of load that is shipped using trucking services.